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Granny Gay

This family stole my heart, and took me back 15 years to when my four children were the same ages.  Each child is a unique individual with their own sweet personality. Yet they are one dynamic group. The photos don’t lie!  I have a sign in my studio that says “It’s all about family.”  This family is soooooo blessed.  Granny Gay is one awesome grandma too.  Mom and Dad were out of town and Granny Gay was staying with the kids.  She thought it would be a fun to load up the Suburban and visit my studio.  We had a ball!!



Brandon Boys

Every child’s favorite two words in winter are “Snow Day!”  I think they are mine too.  This cool mom called me the night before when the school closing was announced and said “What do you think?”  It was the most beautiful and magical snowfall, and we made the most of it.  Even Katie, the dog, got in the fun.  It was a quick shoot because the temperature was low and the wind was howling.  Yet, these kind, respectful and game boys never complained and really made it fun.  They are so handsome that you think they could melt the snow too!





First of all, I love this little girls name – Irie.  Second, I am CRAZY about this cute little Imp.  You have to love, love, love her blond, blond, blond hair.  Even her eyelashes are even blond!  Her eyes are beautifully blue to go with, and she has the best dimple with her giggly smile.  We cracked up every time (which was often) she would wrinkle her nose and give a big grin.  She was PERFECT for her one year old photos.  Third, she has the most loving, adoring and not to mention good looking mom and dad!  You can see how Irie is going to grow up and be a beautiful blond knock-out like her mom.


Jacob K

Jacob is one busy guy.  Between soccer, extra-curricular activities and school, we were not able to squeeze in his senior photos until February.  But I am soooooo glad we did.  In addition to being very, very smart and a good athlete, he is also photogenic and at ease in front of the camera.  We had a great Sunday afternoon in the studio, as well as a few photos around Mt. Zion High School.  We hope to take more outdoor shots when the weather warms up, but we would not need to since he has so many great photos.  Nonetheless, I look forward to another afternoon with Jacob.  We’ll posted again later.




I knew I would love this mom when she called and asked that I do her daughter’s 4 year old photos in her Snow White costume. “That’s what she’s really into right now.”  What better way to capture that child exactly at that age and stage!! Sure enough Lucy showed up with not just the costume but witch hat and red apples.  We played Snow White themed music and pretend Cathy my helper was the witch.  I don’t think the witch scared her, however.  Next she changed into an adorable sweater dress and let down her incredibly full blond curls.  We laughed and giggled, and played with the sock monkeys.  We could have kept going but we already had a million great photos.  When her mom came in to view the proofs, she then had a tea party with my sock monkeys and my assistant Ashley.  This is one child full of joy!


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